VoIP Telephony Can Boost Your Business Growth

VoIp (Voice Over Internet Protocol) can be also described new telephony system that is going to replace traditional phone systems in offices and home. User should not worry for long-distance calls while using VoIP is not going to cost more beyong your internet usage charges. VoIP is easy to manage. It is very portable, You can access it from anywhere and anytime. What you need is only a minimum bandwidth internet. Contact Us for experiencing the future Telephony.

VoIP Telephony at The Soft PBX offers:


It can be setup as you home phone or office phone. VoIP Telephony is really very convenient in use.


VoIP telephone can replace all hundreds of hard phones in your office. And you can setup Voip on Softphones.


We do not only offer you calls over internet, but you can also use it to do virtual meetings, send eFaxes.


It is easy to expand, you can put it into your server and start using it with hundred or N numbers of agents.

VoIP Telephony at The Soft PBX offers:

  • Easy to configure and use
  • Can be used as home or office phone
  • Unlimited extensions available for business
  • Can be accessed from anywhere and anytime
  • Compatible with Various CRM, Dialer, PBX etc.