Toll Free Number – Choose Your Own Series

The Soft PBX provide you toll free numbers for many countries including US, CANADA, UK, Australia and Many More. A toll free number is also an identity of company. Many company chose vanity Toll free numbers, which ends with their company name or title. Our toll free number service offers you service to connect it to your home or cell phone as well. So you never miss a single call.The Soft PBX also offers local USA numbers as well for local small business or home customers. You can also monitor your calls history or recording online with our portal always. A business who have a toll free number for customer service will have a good credibility as well.

Toll Free Number

What is Toll Free Number And How It Works?

Toll Free Numbers are the phone numbers, that can be dialed from mobile or landline phone with out getting any charge to the person who is dialing it. This toll free number can be a dedicated line like PRI line, forwarded to business owner mobile or home phone, used using softphone or used on Call center dialer. The company who holds Toll Free Number has to pay some amount for getting the call.

History of Toll Free Numbers

AT&T released the first toll free number in 1967 which start with prefix 800. It was a best way for at&t customer to get in touch with out getting charged. This idea took off immediately and around 7 millions toll-free calls were made in 1 year. Earlier AT&T had monopoly on all toll free number purchases. Only big business could afford the Toll free numbers. But in 1984 broke "Ma Bell" monopoly, and then toll free numbers were available in market with many small regional networks as well. This made major changes in price of toll free numbers as well. After that small business could also take Toll Free Numbers and use it. FCC regulates and control all the expansion and law for toll free numbers. In 1996, FCC created a new prefix series of toll free number with 888. Prefix 877 was introduced in 1998 and in 2000, 866 prefix was introduced. As the demand was going really high, new prefix 855 introduced in 2010. And at the end of 2013, they introduced 844. Recently FCC has introduced 833 series. They hold 822, 887 and 889 for future expansion.

Choose TheSoftPBX as Your Toll Free Number Provider

The Soft PBX provides solution for Retails, Technical Support, Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing, Collections, Healthcare, and Call Centers. Our Hosted PBX Solution gives an amazing business phone system that works exactly the way you want it to. We assist our clients in various industries like Call Centers, Travel Centers, Technical Support, BPOs, Home users, and many more. With The Soft PBX, you not only just get a toll free number but you also get our services including International Call Forwarding, Advanced call forwarding, Time/Day Routing, Simultaneous Ringing, Sequential Ringing, and much more. Our Vision is to connect every small business and home with VoiP.

We offer tremendous business value to our clients with our salient features like:

  • Plans According to Your Usage
  • Unlimited Extensions Available
  • Easily Port Your Toll Free Number
  • 24/7 Customer Support is Available
  • Choose Own Choice Toll Free Number
  • Forward Calls To Mobile Or Home Phone
  • Pay As You Go Plan Also Available