SIP Trunking

Our solution adds magnificent capabilities for your voice usage as it is compatible with other unified communications solutions. It comes complete with all the abilities of SIP (Session Initiated Protocol Not only does SIP Trunking maintains the quality of the overall communications setup, it also enables a more precise control of the flow and routing of calls. Trunking comes along with the most powerful, yet simplistic, controls.  Finally, it is noteworthy to note that by hosting it on the cloud of THESOFTPBX, you can leverage these features from any location on the globe.

SIP Trunking Features

One of the contributions of the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to business communications is the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). It is the platform on which the services of internet service providers is based. It is also the system through which communication link (telephone services) is established and maintained between the service providers and their respective clients. In other words, SIP Trunking establishes a connection link between an organization and the internet telephony service providers. This service is delivered via the IP. Most of the SIP providers have found a way of boosting its effectiveness and converting more and more sales by incorporating voice, video and a host of media streaming applications as a way to ascertain that each client is carried along irrespective of their unique needs.

The prevalence of the use of SIP Trunking is necessitated based on the many benefits accrued to it both for the business entity and for the service provider. SIP Trunk is a technology that is transmitted via the internet and has such, has no need of physical wire installation. This essentially means that lower monthly line rental is reduced. SIP Trunks are easy to tweak by the user and this makes the process of adding more channels to cater for higher call frequency is relatively easy. There is no delay in upgrading and adding more channels to your SIP Trunk, a simple phone call to the service provider will effectively take care of that. Furthermore, the basis of SIP Trunks on the internet ensures freedom of mobility for the user; hence switching location does not affect its functionality in any way. The relocation of an organization on SIP Trunking protocol is safe and secure and will have no significant bearing on the company’s activities.

Sip Trunking

The Real PBX Offers:


With Our SIP TRUNKING You Don't Need PRI Lines or Hard Phones, We Can Reduce Your Cost To Arrange Physical Without Comprising in Voice Quality


With Our SIP TRUNKING, You Don't Need Separate Lines for Data And Voice. It can Work On Same Internet Line and Will Save Your Bandwidth As Well


Our Dashboard Offer you to Keep all history of Your calls, Recording, Logs. We also Offer some customized Software to manage Live Monitoring.

The Real PBX Offers:

  • No Need of Physical Wire Installation
  • Complete GUI Based Dashboard To Monitor
  • Have A Strong Monitoring System in Place
  • No Cost Setup & Free Maintenance Assistance
  • No Delay in Upgrading/Adding More Channels to Your SIP Trunk