IP Phone System

IP Phone System is the darling of businesses all around the world today but this is not the peak. PBX still holds a competitive advantage over the traditional IP Phone System. However, the IP Phone System has not been phased out, it is available on our cloud system. It’s presence on the cloud system is to eliminate maintenance hassles that often surfaces with the local IP setup. Most clients go with the Soft PBX anyways, not merely for its professionalism but it is also more cost effective.


Let Us Manage Your Business Phone System

Our IP Phone solution performs the services of a traditional IP phone and more; more in the sense that it diminishes the device dependency, local server maintenance issues, and upgrading problems all of which contributes to its effectiveness.

Our support staff is comprised of seasoned professionals with certifications from Microsoft, VMware, and Cisco.  Their role is to sort out any issue that you may have with our communication solution and proffer solutions to it ASAP.  Just to be sure, you may order a 10 day free trial today

Benefits of The SoftPBX’s IP Phone System

  • No charges for Setup of IP Phone System.
  • Different Branches can setup on One server
  • Less Cost compare to your old Phone System
  • Custom GUI Provided and Give Demo to manage it
  • 24/7 Customer Service Available Via Chat, Email & Call