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How to Create Campaign in Vicidial

28th, 2018

Want to Create Campaign in Vicidial or Goautodial

Goautodial and Vicidial are very Famous Open Source Call Center Softwares. You can download them from their official website, GoAutoDial  or Vicidial. I will help you to guide to make it possible for you. First thing you should consider which type of campaign you want. You want outbound campaign, inbound campaign, or both. Also You want predictive dialing, progressive dialing, Preview dialing. Be specific with what your needs are.

Let me first start with explaining what is the difference between Predictive Dialer, Progressive Dialer and Preview Dialer .

Predictive Dialer Agent Screen Page
Predictive Dialer Agent Screen Page

Predictive Dialer

When we have to get to maximum number of customers out of thousand of data, Predictive Dialer Can not be beat. In this mode, Admin upload all the leads available to him at once into Dialer. And dialer start dialing the numbers one by one. If the customer picks up the call, dialer connect our one agent to that customer. If dialer gets the answering machine, it simply close the call with Disposition AM (Answering Machine). When all of your agents are busy, Dialer would stop dialing automatically. But it will also Predict on the basis of Average talk time, and then will dial another call. And if that call is picked it will transfer to agent, but if it is voicemail then it will dispose call with AM. With this dialer, you save an agent’s time on dialing numbers and also save time on getting answering machines.

But this Dialer has also some disadvantage, because many a times it starts dialing a number when an agent is on Dead call or going to finish call. So in that case if on other hand customer has picked up the call, he/she will hear nothing and might disconnect the call. Hence data can get wasted too. For this we need to set hopped to the level where data should not get wasted.

This type of dialer usually used for sales, and marketing like Credit card selling, Plan selling, Product selling. Where you have large number of customers database and you want to complete it it less time. Go for Predictive Dialer.

Progressive Dialer
Progressive Dialer

Progressive Dialer

Unlike the Predictive Dialer, Admin upload all the leads available to him at once into Dialer. But dialer does not start to dial number automatically until an agent is free. It gives you choice to close the lead and then go for next number. As like its name, This Dialer keeps progressing, as soon as one call gets disconnect it dials second number. It does not dials as many numbers as Predictive Dialer, when data is less and you need to have personal touch between agent and customer. This dialer suits you best.

Progressive Dialer also has some disadvantage, like agent gets voicemail many a times when he/she dials a number. So it was their time too in disposing call with Answering Machine. It is used by many types of Business like Travel Industry, Hospitality Industry, Technical Support, Collection Agencies etc.

Preview Dialer Agent Screen
Preview Dialer Agent Screen

Preview Dialer

Preview Dialer is the perfect choice when it comes to do some research before talking to customer. Admin upload the data in to dialer will all info about customer is available to him. Agents login into dialer, and he/she found the lead on his screen. From where he/she can review customer records and found out if this customer was called before. Or what more lines can be added into our script to enhance our sales/feedback/query call. This Dialer is also used by many types of Business like Travel Industry, Hospitality Industry, Technical Support, Collection Agencies etc. Collection agencies mainly prefer Preview Dialing Mode, where agent can see the data and be prepared. In this mode Agent also get option to choose whether he/she wish to “Dial Lead” or “Skip Lead”

So as we are clear about Dialing Types Go for Installation of ViciDial or GoAutoDial:

We need to go for Campaign Setting to create a campaign. Just below Users you will see an option Campaign. Select “Add a New Campaign”. Here you will see some settings to make your perfect campaign.

Create Vicidial Campaign
Vicidial Campaign image

Fill your desired Campaign ID, Name an Description. Always fill something which is easy to remember for you. Because this post is for Very Beginner guys, leave all field as it is. Change “Next Agent Call” Setting. Choose “Longest Wait Time”. By choosing this you can insure that the agent who is waiting for call for long time which get the priority. Change “Local Call Time” to “24 Hours”. And Then Click Submit. For Reference I am creating a campaign by name Soft PBX. Now Go further;

Campaign Main Page
Campaign Main Page

Now remember what i told you about type of campaign. Predictive Progressive and Preview.. Here We have to choose the option now, which will decide what type of campaign we are making. “DIAL METHOD” is going to decide the option to choose in between them. Let’s just discuss starting few methods. For Outbound Campaign Only, Choose “MANUAL” in the field. If you want a campaign for both inbound as well as outbound Choose “RATIO”. You can chose Inbound_Man as well but this has some more feature.

Now if you will go just above choosing “Dial Method”, You will see “Allow Inbound and Blended”. Select Yes in this field if you want to make inbound Campaign with Outbound as well. Now go further down in settings and You will see “Dial Prefix” “Manual Dial Prefix”. Put the prefix number which you have Defined in Carrier setting. Just below these you will find “Campaign Caller ID”, put 10 digit number which you want to be shown on Customer Caller ID. Below this into field “Customer Caller ID” Select Y as option.

Go little down and you will find “Campaign Rec Extn”. Choose this field only if you are trying Predictive Dialer. Now this field is something to discuss more.

This field allows for a custom outbound routing extension. This allows you to use different call handling methods depending upon how you want to route calls through your outbound campaign. Formerly called Campaign VDAD extension.
– 8364 – same as 8368
– 8365 – Will send the call only to an agent on the same server as the call is placed on
– 8366 – Used for press-1, broadcast and survey campaigns
– 8367 – Will try to first send the call to an agent on the local server, then it will look on other servers
– 8368 – DEFAULT – Will send the call to the next available agent no matter what server they are on
– 8369 – Used for Answering Machine Detection after that, same behavior as 8368
– 8373 – Used for Answering Machine Detection after that same behavior as 8366
– 8374 – Used for press-1, broadcast and survey campaigns with Cepstral Text-to-speech
– 8375 – Used for Answering Machine Detection then press-1, broadcast and survey campaigns with Cepstral Text-to-speech

It is already set on 8368, do not change it if you want to make inbound and outbound both type campaign. Below that “Campaign Recording” is the option. Choose “ALL FORCE” which will record all calls of agents. And then above it in “Campaign Rec Extn” choose 8310, so that all calls will be recorded in .gsm format, if you will leave it as it is (8309), then it will record calls in .wav format. It .wav format will full your hard disk very quickly. Now below these Option, “Campaign Rec Filename” will be “FULLDATE_CUSTPHONE_AGENT_CAMPAIGN” this will record every details of agent call. You can also put TINYDATE instead of FULLDATE. Also other fields can be put as well. You can ask it in comment field.

Then at last Choose “Allowed Inbound Groups”, choose which group you want to receive calls from in this group. There are many other options in between as well. We will discuss them in other blog as needed. Any suggestion or question can be asked by commenting in this group.

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