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6 Benefits of Predictive Dialer

18th, 2018


A call center environment is a mix of inbound and outbound calling solutions. If we talk about dialers, an efficient dialer being an outbound calling solution is what decides the overall growth in the customer base of your business.

In the same context, cloud has turned out to be one of the best contemporary technologies that has shown its potential when it comes to dealing with the customer data and getting the result oriented deductions out of it.

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cloud hosted predictive dialer that is well equipped with the customer-centric data has more powerful results and when predictive analytics merges up with it, the results become unprecedented. The advent of predictive dialers has brought in several big changes in the call center environment with powerful results.

Let’s look at some major benefits of predictive dialers that cannot be ignored in the call center environment.

1. Meaningful Use of Customer Data

In the contemporary times of call center environment, the power of data cannot be ignored and for the same very reason, the utility of predictive dialers goes higher many folds. The predictive dialer accumulates the customer data and optimizes it after using a complicated algorithm.

And while dialing the customer numbers, it dials only the relevant numbers and leaves out the unnecessary numbers such as fax, dnd (do not disturb) and voice-mail. One can say that the predictive dialers are the repositories of data that use it by maintaing a thorough call history towards customer success.

2. Cloud Backup

Cloud has turned out to be one of the safest and most secure technologies that helps to get the best possible results out of data storage and retrieval. The hosted predictive dialer maintains the customer data thoroughly and prepares different lists according to the specific calls made.

And in addition to this, the whole data can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. This helps a call center manager to get hold of the customers with statistical information, spread across countries.

A cloud hosted dialer uses the customer data and this data remains the safest and without any threat of security breach.

3. Demographics and Time Zones

A customer base that ranges across various countries, it is not easy to deal with the customers with a normal dialer because of the alarming increase in the number of customers on the online platform and reaching them out with an equal weightage becomes absolutely necessary.

For a customer base that is spread across different countries, the customers live in different demographics and time-zones. So it is essential for a dialer to follow these specific details and then dial the numbers accordingly.

If customer sitting in a distant country gets a call at an appropriate time, the possibility of the connection with the client becomes much higher. In the outbound call center solutions, the most essential is to get connected with the customer for the very first time, rest it depends on the agent force, how they get the best out of every single call.

4. CRM Integration

The cloud hosted dialer is integrated with a CRM software and it helps in lead management, substantially. A customer, who is in conversation with the agent, calls multiple times to the agent.

With the help of CRM integration and the customer data is used very productively because now agents have a complete history of the call logs and a history of every issue related to every individual customer who the agent made a conversation with.

5. Sales Acceleration and Productivity

The number of calls closing on a positive note depends on the number of calls being connected to the customers. By using the predictive dialer the rate of call connection increases and so does the overall efficiency because the calls are now allocated intelligently to the agents.

The call center manager can easily monitor the agent activities and the appropriate reporting helps in judging the productivity of the call center.

6. Reduced Cost

When we think about a virtual call center, the cost involved becomes a vital factor to be thought about. Predictive dialer easily tackles with such economical factors as you don’t need a live agent to manually dial the customer numbers. It brings the best possible results while making customer connections with higher cost efficiency.

Hosted predictive dialers work on the cloud technology and cloud is a very economic medium of bringing in the best technologies in the least cost incurred. Predictive dialers are easy to install and maintenance doesn’t need any particular cost.

A predictive dialer gives many statistics to scale the efficiency of your agents as well as of your call center. A predictive dialer can be used easily for customer approach that helps you grow your customer base, substantially. A widespread customer base needs intelligent dialing and predictive dialer does the same for your business with a much better predictability about your customers.

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